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Let me Introduce...

Hi! My name is Erin Rabon. I am a newly, single mom of two & this is the new Cleaning with Les' Blog!

A year ago, I was pretty fresh into the divorce process and desperately in need of some extra income. That’s when I spotted a post looking for someone to join a fast-growing, cleaning service team. I had never worked for a cleaning company before, but I thought, “Hey, I’m a mom. I definitely do lots of cleaning up. I’d be an awesome cleaning lady!” (Update: Being a mom who cleans a lot at home does not automatically qualify one to be a cleaning service “rock star”. But, more on that later.)

As I sat with Leslie, the owner of Les’ Cleaning Services (and an actual cleaning “rock star”) for the first time, I had zero experience cleaning other people’s homes. It didn’t take me long to understand why this new business was doing so well. My soon-to-be boss was very determined and it was clear immediately that she expected her staff to be detailed too. I knew I’d have to work really hard to keep up with this dynamo and was determined to do my best.

Working side-by-side with Leslie, I quickly learned how to clean in a way that wasn’t just smarter, but more thorough. We used a variety of natural ingredients that left clients’ homes not only spotless, but smelling AMAZING! I still use some of my favorite scents in my own home to recreate that magic. I learned A LOT from Leslie. The lady has no idea how many cleaning and organizing tips she has locked in her head!

The Cleaning with Les’ Blog is my attempt to squeeze that knowledge out of my friend, Leslie, and share it all with all of you.

Sound good? If so, make sure you subscribe to the new Cleaning with Les’ blog and tell a friend or two. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the great tips that we will be offering you from week-to-week.


The Cleaning with Les' Blog is published the first Tuesday of every month. If you have a cleaning challenge contact and we'll see if we can stump our expert, Les. So far, I haven't seen a mess or stain she can't figure out.

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