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  • Erin Rabon

3 Easy Tricks To Keeping Your House Cleaner

Welcome Back! Is there anyone out there that feels as though his/her personal schedule has gone from “zero-to-sixty” as we’ve returned to our new “normal” after having many months of enjoying a slower pace? It’s quite jarring to go from having more time at home to catch up on cleaning and home projects, to returning to the fast-pace of everyday life out in the world. Luckily there are a couple easy ways to stay on top of cleaning tasks that will leave you more time to enjoy the things you really enjoy doing. For me, that’s time with family and friends, watching a movie or catching up on my pile of books to-be-read.

+ Keep separate caddies of basic cleaning supplies in multiple areas of the house. If you have your supplies ready to go and don’t have to run to another room, you’re much more likely to do a quick wipe down of a bathroom or a countertop. (I’m not above doing a scrub of the shower, while I let a hair mask do its work.)

+ Clean up messes immediately. We all know once a spill has sat and dried it becomes significantly harder to remove. Do yourself a favor and make quick work of a spill right after it happens. Don’t wait!

+ Love the convenience of disinfectant wipes? Make your own and keep them in your caddy for quick wipe downs. Here’s a link that explains how to make a more natural and less expensive version of this handy cleaning supply:

You’ll save a ton of time with using these 3 simple tips. And, it will allow you spend more time doing what you really enjoy! Or, you can always just call Leslie at Les Cleaning Services. She and her team can clean while you're out enjoying life and you'll come home to a sparkling home.

Look for the next “Cleaning with Les” blog post September 1st.

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