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  • Erin Rabon

Are You Ready For The Holidays?

OK, I admit it. I'm a little extra stressed this year. Let's face it, 2020 has not exactly been following the rules. Traditionally in our family, we put up some Halloween/Fall Decor. Then after Thanksgiving, we ditch the gourds and fall garlands and put up the lights and tree.

This year, I've decided to do away with my methodical ways and dive-in to cheesy, Christmas movies (You know, the ones where the jaded, city girl with no Christmas spirit lands in Vermont, bakes some sugar cookies at a quaint lodge, goes to the town Christmas Festival and ends up falling for the hometown hunk.) and those Christmas decorations are going up before Thanksgiving in an effort to cling to the joy of the holidays just a little early. We needed that JOY this season!

Whether you are like me and are diving in early or if you want to wait and keep things consistent with your family's "normal". I have some easy tips to help you keep your sanity this season.

  1. PRIORITIZE– Sounds simple, right? But, we all find ourselves trying to fit in too many good things. Over-scheduling and over-committing is a sure fire way to add more stress and disaster to your holiday season. Choose what's really important this season and concentrate on those priorities.

2. LET GO OF PERFECTION– This one is a rough one for some of us. We envision a magical

season that looks like it jumped off the pages of a magazine. And, with a lot of organization and

attention to detail, we can get darn close sometimes to perfection. We cannot control everything,

however. So, try to remember what's important this season. (See Tip #1)

3. TAKE CONTROL OF GIVING– Setting a budget and developing a list of everyone you'd like to

gift this season as early as possible allows you to keep an eye out for special sales and ideas. Have an

unused guest room or area in your home, turn it into a gift wrapping station. Wrapping gifts as you

go prevents last minute panic. Just make sure you track what you've made or purchased for each

recipient so you don't over-buy and go over your budget.

4. TACKLE CHRISTMAS CARDS EARLY– If you're like most of us, you like to remember

friends and family with an annual Christmas card. Whether you opt for writing out cards or order

pre-printed Holiday cards, try to get those in the mail early. In this year of isolation, connecting is

more important than ever. Even if you don't send out cards traditionally, think about making a list of

family and friends that you want to call, text or email.

5. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF–This might not seem like very "Christmas-y" advice, but it's the

most important. There is nothing worse than being ill over the holidays. Take time to sleep regularly,

eat healthy, move your body and drink lots of water. Common sense is often sacrificed in the name

of making the holidays extra special for others. Stay well this season for both you and your loved

ones. By the way, staying well DOES include your mental health too. No one wants to be around a

crazy, stressed out and angry person–even when we love them. Stay positive and if you need it, ask

for help. Need extra help cleaning, now is the time to call Les' Cleaning Services and schedule your


As we begin this Season of Joy, remember to cherish the truly important things in your life & smile.

Les' Cleaning Services is so thankful for all of their wonderful clients! We are truly blessed.

Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!


Erin Rabon is a single mom, blogger and one of Les' former team members. The Les' Cleaning Services Blog is published monthly online. We welcome suggestions, comments and questions.

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