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  • Erin Rabon

Hidden Dirt & Germs: What are you missing?

Some messes are obvious, like the dishes in the sink, accumulation of dust, or little paws that get into places they shouldn't. But, what else are you missing? There are common mistakes that home owners make which add more dirt, dust and mold to their homes. That means more cleaning time! Yuck!

As we head into the Fall months and start looking forward to holidays (wow, only a few months until Christmas already!) and cozying up more inside, I thought I'd run down a few things you might be doing that add dirt to your life. Don't worry, I offer some solutions too.

1. Wearing Shoes in the House. We track in an unbelievable amount of dust, dirt and other yuckiness

every time we come inside. Consider having some little shelves or even a rug at the entrances to

your home to catch as much dust and dirt as you can. And, do yourself a favor and leave those

shoes at the door!

2. Not wiping down reusable grocery bags. After a long round of grocery shopping and putting your groceries away, no one feels like adding an extra step to this weekly chore. But, consider for a moment how many surfaces those reusable bags touch. We all want to continue to do our part for the environment. we just need to remember to use a Clorox wipe or an antibacterial spray inside and out to make sure your bags stay clean. (And, don't forget that countertop!)

3. Keeping your indoor temperature too high. Did you know that keeping the temperature in your

house lower than 70 degrees helps fight against dust mites & mold? Economically, it may not be

practical to keep your house below 70 degrees at all times. But, be mindful that the higher the

temperature in your home, the more favorable breeding ground it is for dust mites and mold.

4. Vacuuming without a HEPA filter. Filters can get expensive and it can get tempting to not replace

your vacuums filter or to run it without one. But, make sure to use a HEPA filter if your vacuum

requires one. It will go along way to insure that much of the nasty spores are removed from carpets

and flooring and it will make your vacuum last a lot longer. Replacing a vacuum is far more

expensive than replacing a HEPA filter, guaranteed!

5. Not replacing the filter on your furnace. You'll be breathing a lot easier if you remember to change out your furnace's air filter at least every 3 months. The good news is keeping up on this chore won't only keep you healthier, but it will save you some money on your heating bill too.

For more fun, consider adding a scent pad to your furnace filter and enjoy a fresh smelling home that last for weeks.

6. Pets in Beds. Sorry! But, our furry friends add a lot of dirt and grime to our bedding when they snuggle up with us on our beds. And, for those of us with severe allergies, it can lead to extra puffy

eyes and added skin irritation. If pets are a regular in your bedroom, then you'll definitely want to wash your bedding and any upholstered or carpeted surfaces at least once a week (or more).

7. Burning Candles with Toxins. Consider switching to candles with soy or beeswax to avoid the chemicals that are produced by some candles.

Consider a soy candle from Candle Crest in Rockford, IL and enjoy quality, soy candles that won't add black soot to your lungs or your furniture.

With Fall scents like Apple Butter Caramel, Acorn Harvest and Apple Butterscotch Toddy, you'll be enjoying the change of season in style too!

There's a lot to remember when it comes to keeping your home clean, I know! The Les' Cleaning team is always available to help you clean less. For more tips, tricks, or to have Les' and her team come to your home and make it look like new, call (815) 995-0491.

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