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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

I will never forget this deep cleaning that I did a few years ago along the Rock River for this sweet elderly lady. She passed away a few months after, but she was forever grateful 🙏 for me coming out on a weekend (my day off) and a holiday🎄 weekend, and making everything in her kitchen sparkle ✨ again like the day she brought it. I remember her telling me how she hated cleaning 🧽 and if you take a glimpse 👀 at some of these photos you definitely can see the lack of cleaning that was done. Her niece from the East Coast reach 📞 out to be begging me to clean her aunts kitchen right before Christmas 🎅.

I will never forget this cleaning 🧹 which is the reason why I won’t give a quote over the phone ☎️ because a kitchen deep cleaning that normally takes a few hours this kitchen deep cleaning (outside things only- no inside cabinets, refrigerator or oven) took me 2 days a total of 18 man hours to clean. I used so much degreaser and Dawn dish soap 🧼 on everything in that kitchen to get everything thoroughly cleaned. Everything was caked with so much dust, cob webs 🕸️ and grease… I have never had to use a razor blade on a stovetop but the degreaser just wasn’t doing much because the grease was so thick as if it was glued on. The grease was shedding away as if grating Parmesan cheese 🧀 with the razor…

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