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Marshmallow’s Hope Gala 2023

Updated: Feb 1

Les' Cleaning Services Employees at the Marshmallow's Hope Gala 2023
Les' Cleaning Services Employees at the Marshmallow's Hope Gala 2023

OMG, my employees and I had such a great time at the Marshmallow’s Hope 2023 Gala Fundraiser that is bringing awareness to kids, teens, young adults and veterans who are struggling with MENTAL HEALTH. My employees learned so much about what Marshmallow’s Hope is doing in our community and are so honored and blessed to work for a company that is a PROUD SUPPORTER of this nonprofit.

I was talking with one of my employees this morning and she was telling me how she was talking with her kids and how they as a family want to HELP with the next Fixer Upper home that will be RESTORED and given to a VETERAN in need in our COMMUNITY. It was an awesome privilege to witness US Army Veteran Brandley Scoville winning the project 4114 home. She also told me that she told her husband and mom that they both need to speak with their bosses about becoming a business sponsor for Marshmallow's Hope.

I have honestly been struggling with my own health and have been battling to shut down the business because the truth of the matter is that owning and operating a business is HARD WORK. I just want to clock-in and out some days and not have to worry about everything in between. This weekend was so refreshing and has lit a SPARK in me to continue to grow LES’ CLEANING SERVICES. We’re not just cleaning home, but are making a difference in our COMMUNITY and if only ONE life is saved that is GOOD ENOUGH for me and it is all WORTH IT!!! One life lost to SUICIDE IS TOO MANY!!!

I want to give Laura back her son, but that isn’t in my POWER, but what is in my power is being able to be a PROUD SUPPORTER of MARSHMALLOW’S HOPE. Les’ Cleaning Services hopes we can do more for Marshmallow’s Hope and our community in 2024…

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