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Organization Doesn’t Have to be a Technical or Even Challenging Task

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Here are some quick tips to make your home or office look and feel more organized and cleaner.

Downsize and eliminate a few things. You don’t need 100 pens on top of your desk, one or two is just fine. Eliminate the clutter, and go through your drawers, closet, desk, and around your home and get rid of things that you just don’t use or need. If you have items in your drawer that you haven’t used in over a year, then it’s safe to say you probably won’t ever use it and you can pitch it, give it away, or sell it. No need to keep things that you will never wear or use. My favorite line, “it’s broken and I’m going to get it fixed”. Well it’s been sitting in the basement for over 5 years and it’s still broken. Your home isn’t a junkyard, so if it hasn’t been fixed in less than 6 months, then it will probably never get fixed and your best bet is to just toss it away.  

1. Perhaps you can make a few dollars by selling those items on Facebook, or you could donate them to your favorite local charity, or give to a family in need in your community.

2. Containers, Mason Jars, and Storage Bins are great as organizers to give your home a neat and clean look. The dollar stores have several colors, shapes, and sizes of containers that you can neatly store your items in to eliminate the clutter on top of your counters, tables, and floors. For instance, women tend to have a lot of hair gadgets — get a bin and put all of your hair devices in that container instead of having it all over your bathroom. Things left all over can make a room look and feel unorganized and dirty. Not to mention that leaving so many items and gadgets on the bathroom vanity makes it much more difficult to keep clean.

3. Buy fewer things and use that money instead for a housekeeper or a vacation. I’m sure you’ve heard one of these famous quotes, “If you don’t need it don’t buy it”, or “If it isn’t broken, don’t buy another one.” My pastor would always say, “When you die you can’t put any of your belongings in the urn with you”. The point is to live more simply, to buy what you need and like, and don’t overspend buying things that you don’t need or probably will never use. You only live once, so enjoy the beauty and all of the wonderful things and experiences that life has to offer. Life is too short to be stressed with house chores and clutter when there are so many wonderful places to see and explore.

Bins and Storage Containers:

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